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Joe Adams

Making and building since he was small, Joe Adams is a natural-born artist. Just after college and a brief stint as an art teacher, he put down his paintbrush to build a business career and raise a family. Yet, his love for art remained constant. Evelyn, his wife and most ardent agent, urged him to start painting again about 15 years ago. Continuing his passion, he now paints from his studio in historic downtown Macon. He credits much of his artistic influence to his time away from the easel—whether traveling or advocating for historic preservation—and to his professor and mentor Sam Hutto.

An abstract painter at heart, his recent work is more characteristic of Action painting – never shying from bright color and unexpected textures and layers. Joe is a process-oriented painter; he is not concerned with recreating the world, but instead with the qualities of the paint and the manner in which it is applied. Paint splashes, richly diverse color, and layered textures are definitive qualities of a Joe Adams painting.