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Meredith Raiford Akins

"Fruit Tree with Fencing"


30 x 40

Acrylic on canvas

Natural wood floater frame

Artist Statement: Geometric, simple and balanced. Most cultures develop formulas of beauty and art that later come to define the “style” of their age. Think of the geometric patterns of the roaring twenties, or the landscape paintings of the 1800’s. After months of studying first century Roman art, this piece is my crack at one of the formulas I uncovered in this distinct era of art. Compositionally centered fruit tree + geometric fencing + indistinct receding background + stylized plants in foreground = Fruit Tree with Fencing. I normally shy away from the planned and formulaic, but stepping into a forgotten system that would have been completely natural to a muralist 2,000 years ago ended up being a really fascinating and enjoyable process for me.

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