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Meredith Raiford Akins

"Partridge with Pears"


24 x 30

Acrylic on canvas

Natural wood floater frame

Artist Statement: Rich, deep and whimsical. This painting is inspired by one of the surviving rooms in the “house of orchard” in Pompeii. This particular room continues to draw me in with its stylized trees set against a sharp black backdrop. The dominant painting in this room features a plum tree centered in frame with a snake winding loosely up from the base. I had noticed in other Roman paintings from this period that partridges featured frequently in nature scenes. After playing with partridges in different settings I played with it in this painting and quickly decided that there was no choice but to replace the plums with pears. I’m now drawn by the play of the glowing yellow against the muted olive greens and deep charcoal background. This is a painting for the clever as well as the simple beauty lovers. It is sure to be a conversation piece wherever it ends up.