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Meredith Raiford Akins

"The Harvest"


30 x 40

Acrylic on canvas

Natural wood floater frame

Artist Statement: Gold flowing fields and overburdened workers. We are surrounded by souls; valuable, vulnerable, eternal. We stand in fields, ripe for harvest, with a ticking clock and no sense of urgency. Is it our selfishness, our laziness or our blindness that prevents us from pursuing those we’ve been commanded by God to love and pursue?

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Oh God, may we be counted among the few. May we not be blind to the need, lazy towards the call or selfish with our time here on earth. Open our eyes, strengthen our hearts and free us of the weights and tethers that hinder us from following you unreservedly.

I pray this painting serve as an encouragement and weighty reminder of your call here on earth. I pray that it refocus and shore you up for the mission at hand. I pray that as you see this painting in your day to day, the biblical truth behind it will grow strong roots in the depths of your being that can’t help but to produce fruit.

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