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Michael Marlowe

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A Michael Marlowe painting is a window onto a scene that inspires the viewer to wonder, to seek, and to rest. His paintings are romantic distillations of the real landscapes he has grown up with - groves of cedars by quiet, mysterious lakes; old growth forests on the edges of long-tilled fields of the rural South; serene views into the treetops of great old oaks and maples. He is a gifted and meticulous painter whose perspective merges that of the naturalist and the dreamer. His painting style evokes nature as we might remember it from trips abroad or around the corner of our childhood. Marlowe’s palette soothes the viewer and encourages the eye to drift, as would the mist, over these ethereal representations of the natural world.

Born in Mississippi in 1965, Michael Marlowe had to pave his own way into the art world. His talents as a draftsman and a painter have been evident through most of his life, and he began his artistic pursuits in the field of graphic design. He soon found himself more and more drawn into the life of a painter of fine art and pursued his calling by apprenticing himself to prominent painters during a long sojourn in Dallas, Texas. Eventually, he was able to pursue his own vision and settled in Birmingham in 2000 where he developed his unique aesthetic and visionary landscape style. His work is represented in some of the finest corporate and private collections throughout the South. His work is avidly pursued by prominent designers locally and internationally. Paintings by Michael Marlowe have been selected for three Southern Accents show houses; shown in numerous publications, including Veranda, House & Garden, and Portico magazine. His work even graced the silver screen. In 2008 his painting titled "Vista" was featured in Will Smith's movie "Seven Pounds."