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Chris Brandell

Chris Brandell's artistic journey was initiated late in life and inspired by her friend, Joanna Abizaid, of Cline Rose Design. In 2014, she was inducted into the National Association of Women Artists. Chris can most often be found happily painting the hours away in her Vienna, Virginia studio.

Chris seeks to interpret the complexity of the human experience while revealing her fundamental desire to explore color, or the lack of it. Her work is mostly large scale mixed media paintings, and her tools include custom-made knives and large-format brushes. “My process begins as an intuitive dance with the paint. I let the first strokes and splatters take me where they will, a kind of organic expression which I coax with water and dry brushes. In the early layers, I bond with the color while I distill my thoughts down to the most minimal composition. I paint in reaction to the human experience, and I am inspired to repel and quiet the chaos of life with marks that are bold but simple."