About the Artist

Rebecca Tully Fulmer’s work explores memory and the emotional connection experienced thru color, sound, and light. Using various techniques and materials, including collage on paper and canvas, knitting and weaving with non-traditional materials, printing on acrylic panels, mirror, diachronic and transparent film, she manipulates images she has captured to a point far from their original existence. These images are completely unrecognizable to the viewer but are about a personal memory. Rebecca, also, attempts to create a sensation of shift that may replicate a dancer moving thru space, light bouncing on waves, or moss swinging from branches.

Her influences come from observing the actions and patterns from her early training in dance and those created by the water and sun on Mobile Bay. Previous works include studies on fireworks and the smoke created after the explosion, light from blurred images of musicians in concert, and the leftover residue created on the floor from a dancer foot.

Rebecca has a BFA in interior design from Auburn University School of Architecture. She has been participated in several group shows thru Gallery 1930 and two one women shows, Spring in 2011 and VIDI in 2014.