About the Artist

Megan Adams Brooks was destined to be creative from the start, heavily influenced by her grandmother’s fine taste and her father’s extensive art collection. She was drawn to painting and expressing herself at an early age. After obtaining a BFA in painting and drawing at Southern Methodist University, she went on to receive her Master of Fine Art at University of North Texas in Fibers.

Megan’s processes include paintings on silk and monoprints on paper of her silkscreen paintings, an original and innovative medium. She incorporates fiber techniques, such as weaving and embroidery throughout her works, as well as repurposing her silks into unique collages, patterns and motifs. She draws her greatest inspiration from nature and is passionate about color — her studio is a mirage of tonal swatches, palettes, and scribbles. 

Brooks lives in Dallas with her husband and two children.  She is usually surrounded by her large extended family — and has a quiet confidence that all of her gifts come from above.