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Katherine Corden

Katherine Corden is a fine artist living in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband. She has come to be known by collectors and designers alike for her ability to portray the human figure in a way that captures her subjects’ natural way of moving through the world. She often explores new subject matters, but consistently returns to the complexity and variety that the figure has to offer, whether that’s figures within a landscape, social interaction, or a fundamental figure study. She attributes much of her influence to her art teaching mother who started her in early art classes, as well as her background in studying anatomy while pursuing studies for her first career as a physical therapist.

Drawn to the movement, imperfections, and unpredictability of humans and nature, she tries to reflect these abstractions in her work. She uses light and proportions to depict a sense of realism, yet counters that structure with layered and gestural brush strokes. She identifies strongly with the culture and lifestyle of her home in northern Michigan and often draws upon the changing seasons around her to inform the colors and energy of her compositions.