Alex Marshall Studios

About the Artist

Alex Marshall Studios started in 2000 when Alex made her hand-formed plates, bowls, platters and vases as gifts for friends and family. Word of mouth spread and soon Alex’s original shapes and trademark glazes were in demand and Alex Marshall Studios was born. The line eventually expanded to include lamps and home decor for baby & kids. In 2005 Alex Marshall Studios moved to an olive orchard in Corning, California and in 2018 Alex Marshall Studios expanded to a 4000 square foot factory in Chico, CA.

Alex Marshall Studios’ ceramics are available in a variety of nature-inspired colors and forms and Alex’s touch influences every piece. From shaping to glazing to firing each step is an opportunity to create slight nuances. This makes for products that are as individual as the people using them. All of Alex’s pieces mold comfortably to the human hand, literally connecting the artist to the collector.

Alex Marshall Studios also adheres to the "Longevity is Green" school of thought. When something is made to last, you don't have to buy it again, which decreases the impact on natural resources and keeps waste out of landfills. In addition, all our ceramics and glazes are made in northern California, which means less fuel consumption and production consumption.