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65th Annual Museum Ball - Artwork Selections


Adam Trest

Raised in the South, Adam Trest is inspired by the deep rooted traditions found in southern culture. Heavily influenced by flora and fauna of the southeastern United States, Adam’s imagery ranges from wildlife to traditional southern hunts. His work can often be seen on HGTV's Home Town, as well as on the cover of Erin Napier's newly released children's book, The Lantern House.

Addison Duke

Addison Duke is an emerging artist living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. While he works in a variety of different styles and mediums, he is naturally drawn to large canvases and enjoys working on large, decorative abstract paintings. He firmly believes that every home should have a large piece of artwork, no matter the value.

AK Hardeman

AK Hardeman uses acrylic and oil paints, oil pastel, colored pencil, and paper to create her work on canvas and paper. Her belief is that color affects appetite, vision, sexuality, design, art, emotions and myriad aspects of life that impact the very psychology of people. Color is the central theme of her work and she uses colors that express her emotions and feelings in an image that leaves the viewer room to interpret. AK does not paint with an intended message in mind; her goal is for viewers to invent and unravel their own meaning.

Alaina Enslen

Alaina Enslen is a mixed media artist residing in Cornwall-On-Hudson, New York, a small village in the Hudson Valley. Having lived in many states across the US as well as in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and England, her experiences with diverse cultures, identities, and beliefs throughout her life have deeply influenced her work. Her paintings, encaustics, and collages draw from materials collected from her subjects, memorabilia, fabric, and objects from the environment.

Alan Taylor Jeffries

Alan Taylor Jeffries is a self-taught abstract expressionist painter working primarily in oils. He never begins with a plan or image in mind, he simply starts applying paint to canvas until something interesting happens. Then that “something” suggests the next thing, and the next, and so on, until a kind of internal logic emerges which he then attempts to follow. 

Alan agrees with the critic who once said that a painting does not have to be "about" anything other than the process of its own creation. He is also guided by two quotes. The first is from Jean-Michel Basquiat: “I start a picture and I finish it. I don’t think about art while I work. I try to think about life.” The second is from Chuck Close: "Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work."

Alex Marshall Studios

Alex Marshall Studios

Alex Marshall Studios started in 2000 when Alex made her hand-formed plates, bowls, platters and vases as gifts for friends and family. Word of mouth spread and soon Alex’s original shapes and trademark glazes were in demand and Alex Marshall Studios was born. The line eventually expanded to include lamps and home decor for baby & kids. In 2005 Alex Marshall Studios moved to an olive orchard in Corning, California and in 2018 Alex Marshall Studios expanded to a 4000 square foot factory in Chico, CA.

Alex Marshall Studios’ ceramics are available in a variety of nature-inspired colors and forms and Alex’s touch influences every piece. From shaping to glazing to firing each step is an opportunity to create slight nuances. This makes for products that are as individual as the people using them. All of Alex’s pieces mold comfortably to the human hand, literally connecting the artist to the collector.

Alex Marshall Studios also adheres to the "Longevity is Green" school of thought. When something is made to last, you don't have to buy it again, which decreases the impact on natural resources and keeps waste out of landfills. In addition, all our ceramics and glazes are made in northern California, which means less fuel consumption and production consumption.

Amee Calloway

Amee Calloway is an abstract artist whose love of creating spans back as far as she can remember. Her works are built with mixed mediums and acrylic paint allowing texture and layers to be evident in each piece. She gets inspiration from interior design and fashion but also enjoys getting involved with the client and finding their individual vision to create the perfect piece. Her work has been featured in many shops and galleries throughout the south. Amee just recently returned to her roots in Alabama from Dallas, Texas. She resides in Birmingham with her husband and three boys.

Amy Stone

Amy H. Stone is a fine artist in Birmingham, Alabama. Her work is bold and modern, fueled by her roles as a woman and a mama. Amy has always been creative, growing up dancing, acting, writing, collaging, keeping nature journals, but never formally took art classes or painted. Amy's first taste of fine art was during a few months spent in Italy in college, where she studied art history under one of the top art historians in the world. It was there that she fell in love with sculpture and the human form.

Amy's work is ever evolving, ever changing. You can still find her on set some days, prop styling for titles like Cooking Light and Coastal Living. Other days she's working on logos or wedding invitation design. What truly moves her is abstract painting.

Andrea Costa

Andrea Costa is an Atlanta-based artist with a love for color and zest for life. Her rural roots and endless love affair with the land and water are the source of inspiration for her luminous and masterful landscape paintings. She embraces the creative process while incorporating the classical training she received at Clayton State University and perfected with years of study with Atlanta’s Chris DiDomizio, best known for his “Old World Master” techniques.


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